Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Customer Buy Price ( 916 )                                               Customer Sell Price ( 916 ) 
 RM 143.50/g                                                                          RM 120.30/g

Customer Buy Price ( 999 )                                              Customer Sell Price ( 999 ) 
100 g   PAMP SUISSE:      RM  14200.00                                     RM 134.00/g
  50 g   PAMP SUISSE:      RM    7150.00          
  10g    PAMP SUISSE:      RM    1550.00
    5g    PAMP SUISSE:      RM      830.00
  1kg   PAMP SUISSE:       RM    2820.00

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We provide you with the best price in the market. We advise our clients to check the prevailing gold price( for 999 gold bars) in jewelery shops and compare with our price.The best way to invest in gold is to purchase 999 gold bar. Buying jewelery as investment is not advisable because of higher price (20%- 30%) and workmanship cost. Purity of jewelery gold is 916 (91.6%) compared to gold bar which is 999(99.9%).
Our gold bars is meant as an investment tool for investor to ride on the anticipated higher gold price in future.

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